About Us

Your One & Only Sweet Source

Here at Caker’s Chat, we are proud to be your one and only sweet source for everything related to baking. Join us, leave reviews, chat with instructors, and receive thoughtful advice on your business.

Together, we can help to raise the art of cake making and pastry baking to a whole new tier.

What we do

Through our weekly YouTube talk show Caker’s Chat, sugar artists of the world finally have a place where they can call home!

It’s a window into the world of all things sweet. We strip back the sugar coating and discuss the real issues cake artists face when creating masterpieces of the imagination in edible mediums. We’re the first sugar artist network specifically designed to provide all cakers, bakers, sweet treat makers, pastry chefs, and baking enthusiasts with a platform to learn, grow, network, and connect with other like-minded sugar artists from all around the world.

For us, nothing is more important than building a community for our fellow bakers and sweet entrepreneurs. Together, we’re creating a massive B2B, Baker to Baker marketplace complete with a network of cake supply stores, vendors, trade shows and events, classes and workshops, and so much more from around the globe.

Our Story

The first Caker’s Chat show launched summer 2016, but our story begins way back when our Curious Caker, show host Juliet Galea
was only 16 years old. Baking was always considered a right of passage in the family and learning to bake at a young age was simply a part of growing up.

One day, when she was baking with her mother, her pastries seemed to be coming out of the oven looking so professional, so pretty. She dared to modernize traditional old world recipes – and that very same day, her mother passed the mixer over to her daughter and put her in charge of baking the holiday cookies and
treats every year – that was quite a big deal!

“That ladies and gent was my first diploma! “

While baking was one of her most passionate hobbies, she studied Graphic Design and Business Communications at Baruch College. When she graduated, she began designing ornate custom wedding invitations, a prelude to the cakes to come. After having her first child, she needed a way to express herself and so she began baking again.

This time friends and family commissioned cookies, cakes and sugar works. The dream of owning her own sugar art studio bloomed so she began to bake under the name “The Kitchen Next Door.” To grow the business and challenge her skills she, entered some of her sugar pieces into a number of competitions, placing gold, silver, and then gold again in 3 consecutive years from 2014-2016. In fact, this competition environment brought the world of Sugar Arts to light!

Today, Caker’s Chat is an extension of The Kitchen Next Door, and is simply another way for Sugar Artists to spread our love for baking, share our passions with the world, and bring the cake makers of the world together under one roof to connect, share knowledge, and help other cakers succeed.

Our Mission

At Caker’s Chat, our mission is simple – we’re looking to provide the emotional and motivational support in the international baking world by creating a community. For us, nothing is more important than building our community from within and promoting the greater good of our network of cakers, bakers, vendors, instructors, and pastry chefs.

In our minds, this is our way of giving back to the cake enthusiasts from around the world who want to grow their passion into something new. Just like our founder, millions of bakers learn from their families, but it takes a bit of motivation to push that familial tradition in a new direction. And it all starts with Caker’s Chat.