What started as just a chat amongst Buttercream Brothers and Sisters has now turned into a weekly online websieries and podcast.


Caker’s Chat Sugar Arist Network

Welcome to Caker’s Chat!

This is where Sugar Artists Network

and connect build  each other up.

Renshaw “Broadway” Display @ NYC

Caker Juliet Galea our host chats with cake friends to help shed

a light on topics that concern those in the

dessert professional community.


We’ve been invited to cover Cake Events such as the

NY The Big Chocolate Show,

SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo and

Sweet Fest Con

to name a few.

The Big Chocolate show

The Event Planner Expo NYC
Key Note Speaker Barbara Corcoran
OMG Dessert Goals NYChttp://omgdessertgoals.com
Next Stop! The Ultimate Sugar Show