Who’s Your Curious Caker & Host

  • Name: Juliet Galea
  • Family: Married to a brilliant man who chose me for his bride and we have two boys.
  • Favorite Dessert: Brownies
  • Least Favorite Dessert: I’ll have to get back to you on that one.
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces (I’m the emoji with the heart eyes)
  • Coffee or Tea: If I’m drinking tea take me the hospital, i’m very sick.
  • Favorite Color: Caribbean Ocean … ok teal, turquoise, the blue family.
  • Favorite Song: Anything I can dance my money mayka to.

Hi I am Juliet Galea and I spread love like buttercream.

Yes, I am a Caker just like you. I share the same obsession for cake toys [or tools] and have duplicate cutters and piping tips just incase I cant find one when I need it.

I run over to the craft store first thing in the morning after every holiday to grab all their sweet packaging with deep discounts.

Before I had kids I used be a night owl but now I nearly faint into bed lol (actually i have a better sleep routine now but i digress.) I am also a early bird… I literally can’t wait to wake up to have coffee.

My addictions include but are not limited to Cawfee, Baking, Sugar Art and Loving People!

Baking was a right of passage in our family. It was a big deal to know how to bake and do it well. The day my mom handed me the mixer and said you are now in charge of the holiday cookies – this folks was the day I became marry-able. LOL  Seriously, this meant the world to me to get that validation from my mom who is a perfectionist to the T.

I love the chemistry of baking and creating beautiful edible works of art. What I love more is making people smile, feel good about themselves and believe in their dreams even when they don’t… until they do!

My mission in life is to collect smiles like my toddler did. [I’ll have to blog that story for you.] Basically, my every choice I make is to be a positive influence on anybody or everybody I meet. I absolutely love what I do and who I do it for and feel so lucky to be able to do it!

Until we meet, Stay Sweet!



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