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If you want to be the first brand to welcome our Sugar Artists on the daily this is exactly where you want to invest.

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We know the cream always rises to the top. So do Top trusted brands like yours! When our Sugar Artists search for the best in the in the industry it will be your brand they see at the top.

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Our weekly Caker’s Chat Newsletter is filled with juicy details of all that is happening this week in the Cake world including new episodes, events, classes, blogs the list goes on. Your brand ad can be seen as a welcome banner and reinforce community-
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Shout it out with Social Media! Our Facebook and Instagram is yours to post, boast, and boost any up coming event, class, special deals or brand. We’ll help you design and ad that gets engagement and optimizing your reach.

  • Video is in Vogue

You know by now Video gets more reach and engagement than any other form of advertisement, but who has time for that. We do! Have one of our Sweet Pros use and test your products and vlog a review about it in video format.

  • Tuesday Two Minute Tutorial

Do you have a product you want cakers to know more about? Show them the right way to use it in an Info Two Minute Tutorial.
This will be featured on our Vlog, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  

  • Brand Trust

Applications for Verification Badges are accepted with the pre-paid annual subscription to our premium package.
Your profile will always show up with an official Caker’s Chat Verification Badge of trust and reliability.

  • Product Giveaway Partners

This is an amazingly playful way to be part of the community and get great attention and engagement. The monthly giveaways will be given to participating Sugar Artist visitors who review profiles. Your product will get shouted out social media and newsletters all month long!

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Expand your reach and be part of the community. Get great brand awareness to a captivated sweet professional audience. Caker’s Chat episodes can be seen on YouTube, Facebook, IGTV and heard on wherever podcasts are heard.  

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Get the greatest brand awareness week after week during an entire season of Caker’s Chat. Sweet professionals can catch Caker’s Chat episodes on YouTube, Facebook, IGTV and heard on wherever podcasts are heard. Expand your reach and be part of the community.

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