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From an audience of thousands online or one on one Friendtoring coaching with professional sugar artists, Juliet has spoken to a wide variety of crowds and loves every minute of it.

Some people get nervous when they think about speaking onstage. She gets energized at the thought that her words will help empower the next person. Her keep it real attitude draws in the audience and allows the message to be delivered.

Juliet’s content is motivational, actionable and relevant to Cakers, Bakers, Pastry Chefs and Sweet treat makers at home or in therestaurant. She believes informing in a fun and entertaining way is the a key element in interacting with the audience.

“They matter to me! I look forward to
making the crowd laugh, feel important,
motivated and leave inspired.” – Juliet Galea

If you are looking for a Motivational Speaker for your next event or a Master of Ceremonies to create a fun filled vibe to help energize the crowd, inform them, and entertain them as they enjoy what you have planned for them, Juliet is thrilled to be there for you!

Here are a few topics to choose from and I also welcome your ideas:

Video Marketing For Bakeries
Rise Higher! Don’t Burn Out!
Baking Business Mindset Boosters

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