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Hi, I’m Juliet!

I help Bakers, Sugar Artists and Treat makers with strategies to grow their businesses through mindset, organization and marketing.

The Caker’s Chat Youtube channel is a Sugar Artist Network. Simply put – it’s a way to support Sweet Businesses like yours by implementing a structured plan with steps you can take today for your business success.

Our Mission

At Caker’s Chat, our mission is sweet and to the point. We’re looking to provide the emotional and motivational support in Sweets Industry by creating a network. For us, nothing is more important than building our community from within and promoting the greater good of our family of cakers, bakers, vendors, instructors, and pastry chefs.

In our minds, this is our way of giving back to the cake enthusiasts from around the globe who want to grow their passion into something profitable. Caker’s Chat is the best resource to help your Baking Business succeed.

Who’s Juliet?

To be completely honest! Just like many of you, I’m a jack of all trades and a multi-passionate creative. Yes, it’s a thing. Are you one too?

The Baker Me:

I am a graduate of “Home Grown Baker University” LOL. Our generations from the motherland are made of excellent cooks and bakers. Baking was a coming of age tradition. Once you learned to bake well then you where ready for marriage.

Although My mother wasn’t ready to give me in my tweens, she did hand me the responsibility of making all the holiday desserts since my bakes came out so perfect and delicious, plus I loved it. This was big deal for me since my Mom’s desserts where so hard to top.

I baked for my family, friends and even school bake sales. My cheese cake was the first to sell out every time. Fast forward to years later when my first commissioned cake. That is when I started Baking Hard for my MOney!

The Sugar Artist:

I entered my first cake competition in 2014 where I received First Place. My first Sugar Shoe ever and I won! OMG! I thought this was tremendous validation. Professional thing my work is good?!? I went on the win two more metals in second and first place again in the following years.

Marketing is my jam!

I’m a graphic designer by trade. I graduated with a Business Communications, Business Graphic Design and Sociology degree. My brain is wired to connect to humanity and appeal to their needs in creative and fun ways.

NO MORE – sleazy old school marketing gimmicks. It’s clear – you need create a genuine connection with the people you serve. And I will show you how.

My cooperate career opened my eyes to both the Do’s and Don’ts of running a business. I’ve supported start-ups to CEOs in marketing, client retention and new business.

I will share my proven business strategies from Mindset, Organization, Marketing and so much more. Together we will lay the foundation to make your life easier and productive and help your Sweets Business rise.

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